KtS News 11/12/14

So things have settled a bit from a busy late summer/fall. We’ve played with some great bands around the Midwest the past couple of months, hopefully we can hook up with everyone again.
The Phratry 10 Year Anniversary show was a success, congratulations to Jerry and the Phratry roster/non roster bands for being able to pull off such an event. We can only hope Phratry can summon up the strength to make this happen again(hopefully every year)! Thanks to the Southgate House Revival for providing the venue. Always a great place and great staff!
We can’t express our gratitude enough to SAH for allowing us to jump on their reunion shows. Those guys really know how to bring it. Although their second night was cut short, they never let up. There’s talk of them getting back to it, in the spring, where they left off. We’re not sure if we’ll be a part of it but I’m sure we’ll be there in one way or another.
Last spring, Seth from Smoke Signals, opted to help us out after Andy’s departure. After a few months of learning some old tunes, we’ve gotten around to writing new material. Everything is working out great, we’re looking to get into the studio by January for a spring release.
Thanks to everyone that came out to the shows and supported not only us but all the other bands too! Here’s a list of bands we were able to share the stage with the past couple of months, while on the road.
Jeff, Seth, Jerry

Two Houses, Hot Coffin, SAH, M. Sord, Jackhammer Hearts, Andy Cohen, Malamute, Glow Friends, Brilliant Beast, Care, Pansy, Collapse, The Gray Beast

KtS Live at Mayday 4/20/13 – full set

This was stumbled upon while searching the interwebs. Thanks to idgf underground for taking the time to film and edit.
Track Listing:
1. The Crown
2. Flat Time
3. The President’s Victory Speech
4. Woolly Mammoth
5. Squatting Warrior
6. Room and Pillar