2017 A new year

Hey everyone! We want to apologize, to anyone that is concerned, that we haven’t been keeping up on our webpage. With the ease of Social Media, it’s easy to get lazy in this modern world. ThingsCandyland Studio quieted down a bit through the fall into winter but we are gearing back up for what looks to be a productive year.  We’ve stepped back in the studio at Candyland Studio in Dayton, KY with Mike Montgomery at the helm. Look out for an early spring release with a full length due out in the fall. Way back in September we released a 2 song digital release through our bandcamp page. “Boulevard Inn” was recorded for the SofaBurn Presents live series. The session turned out to be a nice way for us to demo a few new songs. Originally intended for the PRF Monthly Tribute Series, our version of “Divide & Conquer” by Hüsker Dü wasn’t ready in time for the January 31 deadline, but we’re happy to share it in time to play with Bob Mould at MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati this September. Hüsker Dü is one of Jerry’s favorite bands, and this is his favorite song by the band. We did it very little justice, but it’s fun to hear Seth take over lead vocals!

We have some dates lined up local and on the road. We’ll be traveling with our Cincinnati friends Kid Stardust in February! Here are some upcoming shows:

2/16 Akron OH w/ Kid Stardust and ESP at Hive Mind
2/17 Milwaukee WI w/ Kid Stardust, Hot Coffin, Soup Moat at HIGH DIVE MKE
2/18 Chicago, IL w/ Kid Stardust, Yeesh, Two Houses at Quenchers Saloon

4/7  Cin OH w/ Full Counts (ex Gumball) at Northside Yacht Club                                     4/8 Lexington, KY w/ Full Counts at Green Lantern

Spring Chickens


Hey there! After a long winter’s break, we are back at it. We have some solid shows lined up with some of our favorite people that we’ve met over the years. Not a bad way to start off a new year of shows. We have some tunes ready to roll and in the works; recording on the horizon and hopefully touring as much as we are able to.

Along with our friends Ampline, we are curating a benefit show for an organization called Northern Kentucky Hates Heroin.  Heroin has gotten a hold on the midwest and many of us have been affected by it in various ways. Us, as musicians, have an the ability to help make even the slightest difference. It seems in this day and age it’s easy to get caught up in “bar culture” when playing shows because, let’s be honest, that’s where the fun happens, where the money falls, where people ultimately congregate. Not to take anything away from that but the power of music should be used to it’s fullest. Take everything you’ve learned about booking, playing, the people and bands you’ve met along the way and apply it in a positive light. That’s what we’ve decided to do. The date of the benefit is May 7 at the Southgate House Revival. The bands are almost finalized. Stay tuned for details. Thanks!

Upcoming shows:

March 3 – Newport, KY Southgate House Lounge w/ Motherfucker(GA),Maple Stave (NC), TBA
March 4 – Columbus, OH Treebar w/ Animal Cubes, Teenage Aviation
March 5 – Chicago, IL Township w/ Nonagon, Haymarket Riot, Maple Stave
March 26 – Cincinnati, OH Northside Yacht Club w/ Kal Marks(MA), Left & Right(PA), SMUT
April 15 – Akron, OH Hive Mind w/ Ultrasphinx, Area Man, Trash Mountain
April 16 – Kalamazoo, MI Louie’s w/Ultrasphinx, Sinker, Petrillo
April 21 – Cincinnati, OH Northside Yacht Club w/ self-evident

KtS est. 2006

Photo Credit: Liz Bustamante

Photo Credit: Liz Bustamante

We don’t really know where to start with the “thank you’s” but we will say that this past year has been our most productive. Not so much in output but by truly bringing to light what the ethos of this band has always been about. This couldn’t have happened without the help, support and camaraderie of the bands we’ve come to know as friends versus just mere ships(or vans) passing in the night. With the life changing circumstances that preceded 2015, we were not really sure how the year would pan out, just that we were going to do as much as we could. Balanced between work, family life and the curve balls that were hurled at us at every turn, we remained focus to set out what we as a band intended.

Now as we go into 2016, this will be our 10th year as Knife the Symphony. Something we never anticipated but then again, we never gave it much thought. Maybe that’s the key, just don’t think about it, just do it but don’t kill yourself doing it.