KtS Live at Mayday 4/20/13 – full set

This was stumbled upon while searching the interwebs. Thanks to idgf underground for taking the time to film and edit.
Track Listing:
1. The Crown
2. Flat Time
3. The President’s Victory Speech
4. Woolly Mammoth
5. Squatting Warrior
6. Room and Pillar

KtS Summer Vacation with A.M. Nice!

July 24 Treats Tavern – Milwaukee, WI
July 25 Sekoitus Independent Music & Arts Festival 2014 Marquette, MI
July 26 Louie’s – Kalamazoo, MI

KtS has three out of town shows in July and we’re super stoked to have Adam joining us and playing. Adam’s sound is reminiscent of Bob Nanna(hey mercedes) and Geoff Farina(karate) combined into a solo acoustic guitar. The word play and charm alone will leave you wanting more!

We’re always excited to be traveling but these cities are extra special. They’re where KtS first started playing on the road. We’ve met a lot of great people and have seen a lot of great bands, we’re excited we get to play in these towns again! We hope to see ya there!!!

a.m. nice bandcamp
KtS bandcamp
Phratry Records

Hey..the alarm clock didn’t go off.

So it’s been quite a while since we last talked here. We blame the alarm clock for not getting us up earlier from our hibernation this past winter.  We’re awake now and ready to get back to business. Before we went to sleep we released a 4 band split double 7″(say that 10 times fast!) which is available through the KtS Bandcamp page. We do have some shows in the works. Some local, some on the road. Here are a few details for our first shows booked of 2014:

4.24 Knife The Symphony / Grin and Bear It / Southern State / Clouded @ Rake’s End 2141 Central Ave. Cin OH 45214

5.16 Knife the Symphony/ Tyranny is Tyranny @ Three Kings Covington, KY

5.23 TBA Somewhere

5.24 Knife the Symphony / Dream the Electric Sleep/ TBA @ Green Lantern Lexington, Ky

7.03 Knife the Symphony/Utraspinx(akron,oh) @ Rake’s End 2141 Central Ave. Cin OH 45214

7.24 TBA

7.25 Marquette Michigan Summer Fest Details coming soon

7.26 TBA

There will be more details soon with more show listings. Please visit Phratryrecords.com for more news not only regarding KtS but all the other bands on the roster.